Elegant Glass Terrarium for Indoors or Patio

Elegant Glass Terrarium for Indoors or Patio

I love the unique geometric shape of this elegant glass terrarium, making it suitable for use either horizontally or vertically, if you have taller plants.

It is suitable to grow a wide variety of flora, including ferns, moss, succulents, orchids, airplants and cacti. It can also be used to showcase a collection of decorative pebbles, crystals or LED candles.

My young granddaughter has her eye on one to start a ‘fairy garden’ with miniature figures tending the plants.

If you like growing things but are short of space this is an ideal solution. This product is hand crafted and there is excellent visibility of the contents, through the ultra clear glass panels, which are held in place by a strong, copper frame.

The eye-catching style of this planter makes it an impressive, decorative piece for a table, a desk, or on a shelf. A great way to show off your unique creative flair to family and friends.