Space Saving 10 in 1 Programmable Cooker

Space Saving 10 in 1 Programmable Cooker

If like me you don't like a lot of gadgets cluttering your space this 10 in 1 multiple use programmable cooker is ideal.

It replaces so many other kitchen appliances. You can use it for pressure or slow cooking, to make perfect rice, as a cake maker, as a yogurt maker, for eggs, a steamer, a warmer, a sterilizer and for sauté or searing.

Visually, it is very attractive coming in a brushed stainless steel finish and it has a stainless steel inner pot that is easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The 3 quart size makes it ideal for smaller families or single servings. It's small size also makes it suitable to use when traveling in the RV or on a boat.

This cooker is multi-functional and comes with 16 smart programs, which makes cooking, a wide variety of dishes, so easy.

The feature I like best though is the timer. I can prepare the ingredients, select the required program, set the cooking time and, after a busy day, come home to a delicious cooked dinner.