How to Make a Decorative Yarn Lampshade

Creating your own mood lighting instils individual personality into your home. I have just found out how to make a decorative yarn lampshade. The thread comes in a large range of colors so you can complement any color scheme. It’s great fun to make – you can go back to childhood and get your hands dirty.

Supplies Needed

Cotton yarn or hemp cord

School glue

Large inflatable rubber ball

Sharpie marker pen

Plastic container (large enough to immerse a ball of yarn in the glue mixture)

Jug and water

Small and medium circular bowls

Hanging light fixture

LED lightbulb

3/8 inch two piece clamp connector

Metal washer

Step by Step Instructions

You will require a large clear work space.

It’s going to get messy so you need to protect the work surfaces. Trash bags are ideal. You should also have towels on the floor to catch any drips and perhaps another one handy to mop up any spillages.

You also need to protect yourself and a trash bag poncho is easy to create.

Using a Sharpie marker pen, mark up your bouncy ball for the openings in the lampshade. You will need a large circle for the base of the globe and a smaller circle at the top, for the electrical flex and bulb holder. The base circle should be large enough to be able to insert the lightbulb and to remove the ball, once it is deflated. It is also a good idea to clearly mark the deflation valve of the ball so that it will be plainly visible through the finished yarn covering.

Pour the glue into the container, add water and stir. Continue to add water and stir until the mixture runs smoothly off the stirrer.

Take the yarn, pull a little bit off, and immerse the entire thing into the glue. Allow the glue mixture to soak in to the fibers.

You are now going to wrap the yarn around the ball. It is good idea to have a bowl handy so that you can support the ball if you have to take a break.

Firmly hold the end of the yarn on the ball and, by turning the ball, wrap the soaked yarn around and around in all directions. Make sure to avoid covering the circles that you marked out for the base and the top. There should be a greater concentration of yarn around the base area, to give it strength. When you come to the end of the yarn, tuck it in.

With the ball resting on the bowl, pour the remainder of the glue mixture evenly over the ball. Then transfer it onto a smaller bowl, so that none of the yarn is touching the bowl. This should be left for two days to dry.

Once it is dry the bouncy ball can be deflated and removed. As it deflates, ease the ball away from the wrapping, taking care not to put too much pressure on the yarn.

At this point, you could use it as a decorative hanging globe but it will look great as a light. To do this use a hanging light fixture, a washer and a clamp connector. Insert an LED bulb, plug it in, and your light is ready to go.

When lit up, these globes look really cool. They are ideal in a contemporary setting and you get to choose the size and colors.

Give it a go! See how creative you can be.