How to Make a Simple Raised Patio Planter Box

How to Make a Simple Raised Patio Planter BoxI love floral displays on my patio but bare flower pots can look quite boring and untidy. This led me to look at how to make a simple raised patio planter box. I found one that is easy to build and well within my limited DIY capabilities. I would like to share it now – let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

Miter saw

Cordless drill and impact screwdriver

Timber: (Either cedar or treated wood)
one piece 1"x10"x10ft;
two pieces 1"x4"x8ft;
one piece 1"x2"x6ft;
two pieces 2"x4"x8ft.

1¼" Trim head screws

2" Trim head screws

2" Exterior screws

Step by Step Instructions

Using a miter saw or a hand saw, measure out and cut the timber as follows:
From the 1"x10" cut two pieces 36" long and two pieces 20" long
From the 1"x4"'s cut ten pieces 18¼" long
From the 1"x2" cut 2 pieces 36" long
From the 2"x4"'s cut four pieces 26½" long, two pieces 20" long and two pieces 13" long
You should now have 24 ready to assemble parts.

Take the two 1"x10"x36" and two 1"x2"x36" pieces. Position a 1"x2" piece flush with the edge of each 1"x10" piece. Fix in place using 1¼ trim head screws.

Using these and the two 1”x10”x20” end pieces construct the box frame. Pre-drill the end pieces (to prevent splitting) and fasten everything together with 2” trim head screws.

Lay the assembled unit down with the 1”x2” strips uppermost. Place a 2”x4”x20" piece flush with the lower edge of the box and, using the exterior screws, secure it from the inside of the box.

Next, we are going to put on a leg. Lay a 2"x4"x26½" piece down the side of the box and, from the inside of the box, screw into place with exterior screws. You should use at least two screws to connect it at both the top and bottom of the box (4 screws altogether).

Now, position a piece of 2"x4"x13" flush against the upper edge of the box and fix into place with exterior screws.

Take a second leg and attach it on the opposite side of the box. Don't forget to use at least four securing screws, as before.

Repeat these steps to affix the remaining 2"x4" pieces as legs and strengtheners to the other end of the box.

Stand the assembled unit onto it's legs and lay the 1"x4" pieces across the bottom of the planter

Yipee - job complete!

If you want you can line the unit with landscape fabric, fill it with dirt and plant directly. I prefer to use it as a holder for flower pots and rectangular plastic planters.

Once planted out, this generous sized planter makes a stunning addition to any patio. Getting admiring comments from visitors is almost guaranteed. It is really straightforward to make and I would encourage you to give it a try.