Simple Way How to Put Up a Shelf

In any home there is always a need for shelving. I am so pleased that I found this video showing a simple way how to put up a shelf.

My wife likes to display small decorative objects. Her collection is growing and she has often asked for additional space to present them.

Being able to do this job myself, whenever and wherever it is needed, will make my life so much easier.

Supplies Needed

Stud and electrical cable sensor

Spirit level

Tape measure



Wooden or glass shelf

Support brackets

Self-drilling dry wall anchors with screws

Step by Step Instructions

Firstly test the wall to determine whether there are any electrical cables. Screwing into a live current can result in a severe electrical shock. By using a combined stud and electrical detector, any wires and the wooden framework of the wall can be located. Once satisfied that the site is safe, work can proceed.

Hold the shelf a little below the intended position and put a light pencil mark on the wall at the bottom right corner of the shelf. This will be your ‘datum’ from which measurements are made. It is the level of the brackets and not the shelf, which why the marking is below the final height.

Then put the top edge of a spirit level on the datum line and level it off by means of the bubble indicator. Using a tape measure, make another pencil mark 4 inches to the left of the datum mark. This is the position for the first bracket.

Keeping the spirit level in place, measure the length of the shelf from the datum and lightly mark again. Finally, put another mark 4 inches to the right of this. The second bracket will be located here.

Firmly screw a dry wall anchor into each bracket mark, until it is flush with the wall. Then insert the supplied screws into each anchor until there is a gap of about an eight inch between the screw-head and the wall. Slot the brackets onto them and tighten the screws until each bracket is firm.

Position the shelf making sure that is balanced evenly over the brackets.

Shelves are forever useful and this method makes constructing one so easy.

Why not give it a try? Very few tools are required and you’ll be the proud owner of a new shelf before you know it.